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Face Recognition System by using Eigen Value Decomposition


Irfan Ali Tunio, Shafiullah Soomro, Toufique Ahmed Soomro, Mohammad Tarique Bhatti and Mohsin Shaikh


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 8-12


The biometric-based projects are mostly used for testing human body parts. Especially face identification is one of the interesting problems in the field of image analysis. Early Face recognition algorithms used geometric-based methods but nowadays image processing is used for biometric projects especially for both face verification and recognition purpose. In this paper, MATLAB programming based software is developed and used for face recognition propose. The proposed system is based on the password for authentication proposes. The database contained a group of students that contain 50 facial images. The proposed system uses Eigenvalue approach along with PCA component analysis with hardware implementation for identification. The hardware contained green LED for access grant and red LED for access denial.


face recognition eigen values.