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Comparative Analysis of Poly and Mono c-Si Solar PV Modules subjected to Shading and Spectral Variations


Basheer Ahmed Kalwar, Pervez Hameed Shaikh, Jamshed A. Ansari, Zeeshan Anjum, Nauman Pathan, Zohaib Hussain


Vol. 18  No. 5  pp. 1-7


Photovoltaic power generation replacing the fossil fueled power plants got height of interest for electrical power generation. Poly c-Si module and mono c-Si modules of solar PV technology are extensively used for solar PV generation. The two c-Si modules exhibit dissimilar and multipart performances when these are subjected to shadow and spectral bands of incidents lights. The experimental work is carried out to figure the performances of both types solar PV modules under parallel cells and series cells shading, also to investigate the effect of specific wavelengths of light and their combined effect on performance of both mono and poly c-Si outputs. Voc of mono c-Si module under complete 72 parallel cells shading gave 18.54 volts just lower the poly gave at 28 cells shading. For series cells shading, poly exhibited more Voc than mono but its current capacity was lesser than mono c-Si module under same number of cells shading. Exposing poly c-Si module to 495-575nm wavelength of light produced 34.53watts much lesser than mono c-Si module yielded with same band. Power output of poly and mono c-Si modules found highest with 575-780nm wavelength band but mono c-Si exhibited greater wattage than poly c-Si module. Mono c-Si module exhibited overall better wattage than poly c-Si under both series and parallel cells shading and also even in all color filters in visible band.


Poly C-Si, Mono C-Si, Shading, Spectral Bands.