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Eliciting Theory of Software Maintenance Outsourcing Process: A Systematic Literature Review


Atif Ikram, Hadia Riaz, Ahmad Salman Khan


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 132-143


Software maintenance outsourcing (SMO) is cost effective for developed countries and a good source of getting valuable remuneration package for developing countries. The objective of this paper is to elicit the challenges from literature and to propose an SMO process model to handle these challenges. We used Systematic Literature Review (SLR) protocol for the identification of SMO process related publications in the existing literature. We found 45 studies addressing software maintenance outsourcing challenges with their remedies. We have proposed SMO Process Model / Framework consisting of five practices with their related activities, roles, work products, method and guidelines. We found that most of the existing literature describes SMO process at general level and does not prescribe sequence of SMO process activities. There is a need of industrial feedback on the applicability of the proposed SMO Process Model / Framework.


Software maintenance outsourcing process model, third party maintenance practices SLR