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Comparative Study of Existing and Forthcoming WLAN Technologies


Imran Khan, Haque Nawaz, M. M. Rind, Kamlesh Kumar, M. A. Chahajro, Abdullah Mailto


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 101-108


In today’s world as the innovation in computing application is advancing day by day which required more and more bandwidth. For example online gaming, video streaming and mega file uploading and downloading. All these application are bandwidth demanding, to full fill the requirement of these applications in communication, a medium play an important role, there are two major types of medium i.e Wired and Wireless. In wired medium fiber optic cable is the major stakeholder to fulfill the bandwidth demand but it has mobility limitation, so another medium which is called wireless that fulfill not only bandwidth demand but also provide mobility to the users. In this paper we will discuss comparison about the existing WLAN and forthcoming WLAN with respect to General, Technical parameters and Advantages and Disadvantages differences. It has been concluded which one is the best to fulfill the future communication demands.


Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, WLAN, Technology