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Reliable Routing Mechanism against Distributed Denial of Service Attack to maintain web semantics in Wireless Sensor Networks


Abdulaziz Aldaej


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 94-100


An effective secure routing protocol is proposed against distributed denial of service attack. These networks are used to fix real world problems by deploying the sensor nodes in antagonistic places to keep the surveillance on motion, temperature, sound, vibrations etc. these nodes are power and memory constraints that makes them vulnerable to network attacks. Thus the network security should be efficient and with least computationally complex in order to save memory and battery drainage. The proposed mechanism scrutinize the nodes and block the malicious node if found attacker node or infected node to maintain the real semantics of web. Intrusion prevention scheme is used to allow selected nodes of the network behave as intrusion prevention system nodes. These IPS nodes operate in their multihop area in the network and keep scanning the hops periodically. Whenever this IPS node senses swift data packet passing other than selected (TCP-UDP packets), the infected node is blocked immediately and this message is send to the legitimate node in order to change the routes. We used network simulator version 2 for the simulation and the proposed mechanism provided better results against DDoS attacks. After we applied the proposed mechanism to the network with infected nodes, the performance parameters have been revamped.


DDoS, WSN, Web Semantics, AAODV.