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Designing A Practical Learner Model For Adaptive And Context-Aware Mobile Learning Systems


Soukaina ENNOUAMANI and Zouhir MAHANI


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 84-93


The concept adaptive mobile learning has become increasingly popular in the educational sector, opening the door for a new generation of systems that have changed the traditional paradigms of teaching and learning. It provides students with a myriad of advantages that make them able to access information at anytime and anywhere in a personalized way that would have been impossible few years ago. Even if many researches have attempted to meet learners’ needs and characteristics to develop adaptive m-learning applications, few works have paid considerable attention to combine learners’ characteristics, current environment and situation in way to effectively determine their context in real-time execution. For this purpose, a new model of adaptive m-learning systems was suggested in this paper based on a deep analysis and critic of the existing works. The proposed solution takes into account learning styles, knowledge, behavior, learning progress, satisfaction, preferences as well as environmental parameters including location, noise and motions. These characteristics are considered the most important ones to achieve the target of this adaptation which is to deliver appropriate contents and formats of presentation.


Mobile Learning Adaptive Learning Context Personalization Learner model Learner characteristics