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Energy Harvesting Relaying Network with Hardware Impairments in η―µ Fading Environment


Ayaz Hussain, Zahoor Ahmed, Ubaidullah Rajput, Fizza Abbas††, and Inayat Ali


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 63-68


In this work, we study a dual-hop decode-and-forward (DF) wireless energy harvesting relaying system with hardware impairments and beamforming in η―µ fading environment. In this dual-hop DF relaying system, we consider the transmit and receive beamforming at the source and destination, respectively, where a single-antenna relay helps the source to communicate with the destination. Also, we consider a power splitting-based relaying (PSR) technique at the relay node and the hardware impairments at the source, relay, and destination. We analyze the system performance in terms of the average capacity and throughput for η―µ fading channels. The η―µ fading model incorporates familiar fading models as distinctive cases, for instance, Nakagami-m, Hoyt (Nakagami-q), One-sided Gaussian, and Rayleigh fading models.


Energy harvesting, decode-and-forward relay, η-μ fading channels, power-splitting-based relaying, throughput.