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On the use of Multipath Transmission using SCTP


Imtiaz Ali Halepoto, Muhammad Sulleman Memon, Nazar Hussain Phulpoto, Ubaidullah Rajput, Muhammad Yaqoob Junejo


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 58-62


Point-to-point protocols such as TCP uses the single path for data transmission. If the path is temporary not available due to errors, it stops the communication between two endpoints. The availability of Internet is increasing and such temporary path failures may be resolved by using the devices that establish multiple connections between two endpoints. Due to the popularity of such devices that provide the feature of multiple simultaneous connections, the protocol designs are also changed. Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) with Concurrent Multipath Transmission (CMT-SCTP) provides the feature of simultaneous multipath transmission. With such feature of CMT-SCTP, the mobile application developers are at keen interest to use it. This study evaluates the single and multipath transmission using SCTP and CMT-SCTP. The investigations on a simple scenario proved that CMT-SCTP distributes the data among the available paths. CMT-SCTP is also good for load sharing when some or all of paths encounter data loss due to link failures. A realistic scenario is proposed for the experimentation of SCTP and CMT-SCTP. The scenario also includes the background traffic by using TCP. In the simulations of lossless scenario, the CMT-SCTP improves throughput of SCTP by 23%. However, on the scenario of lossy paths the CMT-SCTP improves throughput by 79%.


SCTP, multipath transmission, throughput, TCP and CMT-SCTP