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Privacy Preserving Authentication Approaches in VANET: Existing Challenges and Future Directions


Ubaidullah Rajput, Fizza Abbas, Ayaz Hussain, Dost Muhammad Saqib Bhatti and M. SullemanMemon


Vol. 18  No. 4  pp. 47-53


The recent advent in wireless and network communication technologies has contributed greatly in people’s lives. A Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is an application of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that aims towards the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers. However, the openness of this network allows attackers to jeopardize the network with a variety of attacks. Due to the catastrophic consequences of such attacks, the security and privacy of VANET is of paramount significance. In other words, the communication between network participants should be authenticated in order to allow only legitimate users to take part in the network. In this regard, this paper presents state of the art regarding the broadly used authentication techniques namely pseudonym based authentication, identity based authentication and group signature based authentication. The paper compares the significant research effort proposed by the research community and discusses the pros and cons of each of the techniques. In the end, the paper identifies various research challenges along with future directions.


VANET Security Privacy Authentication.