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Adaptive Cylindrical Antenna Array For Massive MIMO in 5G


Mouloud Kamali and Adnen Cherif


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 178-183


Massive capacity and connectivity are the main new emerged issues in the last wireless generations, especially for LTE-Advanced. The last cited topics, are the reason of a new wireless core network well known as 5G. There are different methods to deal with this fact, we propose in this paper an ingenious one which is the massive MIMO adaptive array antennas considering a millimetric wavelength small cell. Existing Array antennas geometry are even linear, circular, planar or in multidimensional grid that don’t satisfy our increasing capacity and connectivity needs. Subsequently, creating a new geometric form based on cylindrical smart antennas have been developed using MATLAB software to scan the overall 3D space, improves the network capacity and edges the value of several tens of Giga bit per second (Gbps). The problem of energy scattering is solved by Beam Division Multiple Access (BDMA). Only service-requesting users are susceptible to be served. Otherwise, They are not considered by the access points (APs).


5G, LTE-Adv., BDMA, APs, massive MIMO.