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Empirical Comparison of XP & SXP


Faiza Anwer, Shabib Aftab, Muhammad Salman Bashir, Zahid Nawaz, Madiha Anwar


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 161-168


Extreme Programming (XP) is a renowned agile model, commonly used for small scale projects. It used iterative approach for software development assisted with agile practices used in extreme manner. Although XP providesthe opportunity to handle shortcomings of traditional software development models however it is not exempt from limitations. Lack of proper design, no documentation and poor architectural structure are some of its drawbacks. Furthermore some of its practices like on-site-customer and pair programming are not beneficial in every situation and may overburden development process. Simplified Extreme Programming (SXP) process model tried to cover these problems without effecting agility of development process. In this paper a comparative study of classical XP and proposed SXP model is conducted usingtwo case studies. In selected case studies twosmall scale projects with same working environment are developed by two teams using XP and SXP for the sake of comparison.


Agile Models, Extreme Programming, XP, SXP,Comparative Analysis