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A Review of Mobile and SIM Forensics Tools


Mohammed Abdul Rahman AlShehri


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 150-154


The technological advancements in Smartphones and in secure elements makes their use of value for the criminal community as a secure and tamper resistant data terminal in conducting organized crime. When smartphones and secure elements are used in crimes by criminals, so forensic examiners need tools which allow secure retrieval and prompt examination of data present on mobile devices and secure elements. Substantial amount of information is stored on mobile device's internal memory and external memory modules and SIM cards which play vital role as evidence. This paper focusses on the currently available mobile and SIM forensic tools that help in carrying forensic investigation. Security features of SIMs hamper in many ways the possibility to dump a bit for bit internal memory image. SIM card forensics is a promising area that can provide investigators with a plethora of evidentiary data, given that they have the right knowledge and tools to extract it in a forensically-sound manner.


Secure elements, SIM Forensics, Smartphones, SIM and SIMbrush