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Formation Control and Obstacle Avoidance in Swarm Robots


Abidaoun Hamdan Shalla, Osman N. Ucan, Oguz Bayat


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 126-133


This paper presents an approach for formation control and obstacle avoidance of a swarm robot (SR). Swarm robots are significant with their various tasks and range of applications, and also because they can identify and describe the challenges that need to be resolved in the real world. This work proposes a new formation control and an obstacle avoidance method for the dynamic region of swarm robot systems in order to prove SRs' ability to manage their formation by scaling and rotating while moving. Here, the Gradient Descent formula is adopted to update the range and the robot orientation vector of the SRs systems. Simulink MATLAB is also used to simulate the formation controller performance and the obstacle avoidance. The distributed formation control and the switching formation strategy for obstacle avoidance are illustrated in order to show the effectiveness of our proposed algorithm. We conclude that our method is easy to implement and achieve, not only the required distributed formation control and Obstacle Avoidance, but also to contribute to the usage in the tracking method.


Autonomy Intelligent Robots Swarm Robots Navigation