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Energy Harvesting Relaying Network in a Delay-Tolerant Transmission Mode Over к―? Shadowed Fading Channels


Ayaz Hussain, Inayat Ali, Zahoor Ahmed and Sang-Hyo Kim


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 119-125


Here, energy harvesting DF (decode-and-forward) relaying with beamforming is studied in κ-μfading environment. In this system, a source and a destination are equipped with multiple antennas, and communication from the source to the destination takes place via a single antenna DF relay. The relay is an energy-constrained node and harvests energy from the received source RF (radio-frequency) signal. Then, using the harvested energy, the relay transmits information to the destination. The κ-μ shadowed fading includes different classical fading models as distinctive cases: Rayleigh, Nakagami-m ?, κ-μ, Rician, and Rician shadowed fading. Using a PSR (power-splitting relaying) protocol, new and exact analytical expressions for the average capacity and throughput are derived in a delay-tolerant transmission mode. The system performance is analyzed for different number of antennas in different fading and shadowing environment. The derived analytical results are justified through Monte Carlo simulation.


Energy harvesting, decode-and-forward relay, κ-μ shadowed fading, power-splitting-based relaying, throughput.