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Cyber Security Issues in Smart Meter and Their Solutions


Fatemeh Halim, Salman Yussof and Mohd. Ezanee Rusli


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 99-109


Smart meter is an essential component of a smart grid, which is the next generation power grid system. However, the use of smart meter poses many security concerns. Before smart meter can be widely deployed, these security concerns need to be identified and mitigated. This paper presents a review of cyber security issues related to a smart meter that have been identified by security researchers. The cyber security issues can be divided into three categories which are attacks on network, attacks on physical hardware and attacks on data. Solutions to some of these issues are also discussed. The paper ends with a discussion on security solutions that can be implemented to further secure a smart meter system.


Smart meter, cyber security, security issues, security solutions.