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A review of Requirement Elicitation techniques in OSSD


Shehla Saeed, Umbreen Fatima and Faiza Iqbal


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 86-92


Open Source projects are getting very popular for more than last three decades. As Open Source Software development (OSSD) environment is globally dispersed, it is very important to determine and understand what particular approaches are being used for requirement elicitation in OSSD and how these approaches are different than traditional requirement elicitation. Requirement elicitation is human-centric approach done by interaction among various stakeholders to find out the needs of a project. Traditional RE process is a centralized approach involving social interaction of stakeholders. Whereas in OSSD stakeholder’s interaction are decentralized and dynamic due to geographically dispersed locations of the stakeholders. The focus of this study is review of requirement elicitation process in globally distributed OSSD. How it deviates from traditional software engineering phases? What challenges are faced during requirement elicitation phase in OSSD? What methods or procedures can be used to overcome these challenges?


Requirement engineering, requirement- elicitation, requirement acquisition, open source.