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New Full Reference Image Quality Assessment Method based on Edge Intensity


Tarik Ahmad, Can Dogan VURDU, Javad Rahebi


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 82-85


Despite the many methods, proposed in the literature, for application oriented situations (compression, distortion, etc.), more methods are still needed for the development of this field. From this point of view, a new full reference image quality assessment (IQA) method based on edge intensity has been proposed in this paper based on the usage of the multi-level 2-D wavelet decomposition for edge detection. The first level of the wavelet decomposition is used for the gray scaled image using the Daubechies 4. The algorithm tested using different image sets with different spatial details and degradation types. In addition, other full reference algorithms, which are used for image quality assessment, are investigated for possible applications in image quality assessment problem. We implemented and tested the proposed image quality assessment algorithm for detailed evaluation. In this paper, the result is compared with the questioner results and the proposed method result is the same result as provided by the questioner.


image quality assessment, wavelet transform, edge intensity.