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Hybrid Homomorphic Cryptosystem for Secure Transfer of Color Image on Public Cloud


Haider M. Al-Mashhadi and Ala'a A. Khalf


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 48-55


Cloud computing is a model of advanced computing which has a strong impact on information technology. Cloud computing provides remote accessing to shared digital resources in the stored cloud. Practically on cloud servers using Web services that provide a huge benefits to the user in various applications such as social networking, banking, finance, storage and e-mail, and achieve many features related to flexibility, ease of use, reliability and performance with high and low cost. Cloud computing gives opportunity to the users to upload and offload data to the cloud using client devices i.e. mobile applications. There are some potential concerns related to security and privacy with cloud computing because cloud systems are usually in a public domain. This paper presents three efficient hybrid homomorphic encryption techniques for image encryption to ensure the safe exchange of private images in the public cloud based on the block pixel position. The proposed techniques constraint on El-Gamal and Enhanced Homomorphic Cryptosystem (EHC). Many methods of security analysis have been implemented on proposed techniques which used many types of images with many experiments. The results showed that our methods are very invulnerability and efficient in terms of security and time compared with El-Gamal and EHC schemes, because they take the good characteristics of El-Gamal and EHC methods like very good security and small run time executions.


Cloud Computing El-Gamal cryptosystem Homomorphic Encryption Cryptosystem Enhanced Homomorphic Cryptosystem Cryptography.