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Analysis and design of a grid connected real plant in Libya using ETAP software


Abeer Oun, Ibrahim Benabdallah and Cherif Adnene


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 31-40


Grid analysis is the most important part in electrical power engineering assessment aiming to evaluate the grid stability state. We have drawn innovatively Almajd Factory, A real plant installed in Libya, after part site and grid measurements collection, giving us the possibility to design our integrated and complex plant connected to the utility grid. Mainly, the power source transformers, high voltage circuit brakers, cables, load profiles and the equivalent model of the existing factory elements integrating inductive elements and inner loads. This research article focuses especially on detailing its design and presenting several analyses in steady state and transient aspects at once. Various numerical computations of this large integrated power system with optimal computing speed, including an overall grid state like power flow which explicates active and reactive power, Harmonic distortion and motors start up based upon real recorded measurements obtained from the site sensors. The whole model has been implemented and validated using ETAP in order to analyze the grid state in the off-line mode. The obtained statistical report highlights the design effectiveness and the trustworthiness of the modeling which presents our background of decision making.


Load Flow Analysis, Motor Start Up analysis, THD rate, Real plant.