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Development of Interactive Arabic Proverbs Knowledge-based Systems


Hejab M. Alfawareh and Shaidah Jusoh


Vol. 18  No. 3  pp. 1-6


Arabic proverbs are well known as one of the sources for understanding Arabic life and culture. These proverbs rich with life values and wisdom, which one could create useful knowledge from them. Having a system that allows people to access these knowledge is desirable. Despite there are many existing knowledge-based systems for various domains, to the best of our knowledge, none attempt has been made to develop a knowledge-based system for Arabic proverbs. One of complexities in understanding Arabic proverbs is to understand its semantics. Literal understanding is not able to convey its values and wisdom. The aim of this research is to generate a methodology for developing an interactive knowledge-based system for Arabic proverbs based on its semantics. A prototype system had been developed to test the methodology. The prototype was validated by a human expert, while human users were used to evaluate the success of the system based on a satisfaction criterion. Results from the expert and users' assessment show that the proposed methodology is successful.


Knowledge-based system, knowledge visualization, Arabic proverbs.