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Social Networks of Things for Smart Homes Using Fuzzy Logic


Muhammad AsadUllah, Sagheer Abbas, Naila Samar Naz, Syed Saqib Raza Rizvi, Tariq Zia, Kinza Sardar.


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 168-173


This study presents the IoT for smart home solution that allows users to specify and centrally controlled smart objects. Unlike most existing systems it uses fuzzy logic for control of smart objects. Social Network and IoT enabled sensors work with environment to automate operations of a home to make it smart and automated regarding comfort, health, security and safety. Sensor used interface for interaction with smart objects to perform operations needed automatically. Decisions to automate operations of smart objects based on sensors input associated with expert opinion according to need of environment. Fuzzy logic used to make all decisions live in the form of true or false against the given inputs. Sensors of different types like hygrometer (Humidity Sensor), Thermostat (Temperature Sensor), Photo-Voltaic Sensor (light intensity Sensor), Anemometer (Wind Speed Sensor), camera etc. used for inputs from environment. Other than sensors weather forecasting from weather station also included as input that make system performance better and more accurate. All the information for controlling environment shared to other smart home nearby to control their operations accordingly. The proposed model suggest to install sensors in only one of the homes nearby and the information after fuzzy implementation will be shared with all other homes. This system is also useful for monitoring the communication among Smart Homes within Smart Homes Network as well.


Internet of Things (IoT), Social Network of Things (SNoT), Smart Home, Fuzzy Logic, Sensors, Smart Objects.