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On discrete-time chaotic multimodels synchronization using aggregation techniques for encryption


Ameni Dridi, Rania Linda Filali, Mohamed Benrejeb


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 81-90


This paper deals with observer-based synchronization of new discrete-time chaotic multimodels and its application to secured communication. Based on Borne and Gentina practical criterion for the stability study associated to the arrow form matrix for systems description, sufficient conditions for the synchronization between a chaotic multimodel considered as a transmitter and a chaotic multi-observer designed as a receiver, are proposed . A new hyperchaotic multimodel, designed from two 3D H?non maps is considered as an illustrative example of the proposed approach. The bifurcation diagrams show that the new multimodel has a larger range of parameters values that generates chaotic behavior as compared to the 3D H?non map. This enlarges the key space and thus enhances the robustness of the communication scheme. The obtained results are applied with success to a two-channel communication scheme.


discrete-time chaotic multimodel synchronization aggregation techniques arrow form matrix, secure communication scheme