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ARSMS: A Hybrid Secured SMS Protocol for Smart Home using AES and RC4


Jasim M. Saadoon, Imad J. Mohammed


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 74-80


In the 21st century, people are more engrossed in how they can control their homes and secure them from intruders. Such realities have been made possible by the introduction of Short Message Services (SMS) which are used entirely to control different household equipment. These technologies are referred to as smart homes. Many people around the world use this technology because of their essential characteristics such as automatic to carry tasks, they are safe, they are reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to the home environment that is fully supported by GSM or networks. However, one of the most significant problems experienced with this technology is its security. GSM technology is widely used over the years, but a lot of complaints have been raised due to its lack of confidentiality. Current studies have come up with a hybrid system that is composed of secured SMS and implementation of the smart home system. Based on the efforts to secure Smart homes, this study proposes two models that should be used in smart homes. The two models of the proposed framework include smart home (Arduino and ARSMS protocol using C language) model and controls (Android and ARSMS protocol using Java language) model connected via GSM. ARSMS is a hybrid protocol recommended to secure the exchange SMS messages in which RC4 and AES are integrated for message confidentiality (SMS encryption). The Implementation results of this technique shows that the proposed protocol can provide secure communication in IoT environment regarding secrecy and randomness with some overhead in space and time. Furthermore, the execution result of this technology shows that it is hard to hack into these systems thereby making the information passed through these systems to be more secure than the traditional GSM.


AES, Arduino, GSM, RC4, Smart Home, SMS.