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Anti ? Counterfeiting Detection for Near Field Communication (NFC) ? Enabled Logistics


Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh, Tan Han Yee, and Rohail Hassan


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 63-73


Logistics is the process which involved in planning, implementing and controlling. Each process must be performed so it can provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency towards the customer. Preliminary study result shows that security factor is the most concern among logistics operation staff because they worried data information that stored in NFC tags been leaked and caused counterfeit items to occur. Hence, it brings lack of trust in the adoption of NFC in logistics. Due to the problem of Near Field Communication, proposed an enhanced approach to detect counterfeiting issue in NFC?enabled logistics to be conducted in this research. The researcher chose using data mining technique and enhances it to specifically detect on counterfeit items in logistics industry by creating detection rules to detect counterfeit items. Based, on the results, the J48 technique is the most accuracy on detect counterfeit items. Hence, research used J48 technique and enhanced with specific rules created to detect on counterfeit items. The result of enhanced J48 technique improved to 99.2% accuracy provides better detection than other data mining technique.


Near Field Communication (NFC), Tags, Counterfeiting, J48 technique, Logistics, Security attack.