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An Ontology-Based Representation of Financial Criminology Domain Using Text Analytics Processing


Zulazeze Sahri, Shuhaida Mohammed Shuhidan, Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 56-62


Financial Criminology is an emerging field of today’s research area in combating and detecting any misuses or fraudulent in financial management. The study of financial criminology by academia and industry is dramatically increased. Therefore, domain understanding and knowledge capturing in financial criminology is needed to help the future researcher to get a better understanding of the domain. This paper proposes an ontology-based representation of financial criminology to capture the commonly talked terms and topics in financial criminology researches and studies. Ontology is one of the knowledge representation techniques that allow us to understand a particular domain (Financial Criminology) in the form of classes (parent) and attributes (children) hierarchy. Twenty Five (25) journals and research papers in financial criminology has been selected for this research in order to extract the commonly talked terms and topics of financial criminology studies. Text Analytics processor tool by RapidMiner has been used to extract and identify the terms, then the tool will analyze the number of frequency of the terms used in each of the research paper. Finally, the identified terms is converted to an ontology representation language (OWL) by using Prot?g?. The research found that there are nine (9) classes (Topics) that are commonly researched on the field of Financial Criminology. The ontology representation view is validated by three (3) Financial Criminology experts and Auditors. The text analytics result and ontology view of the domain is discussed in the research findings section.


Text Analysis, Taxonomy, Domain Understanding, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Representation.