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Service selection method with multiple probabilistic QoS attributes using probabilistic AHP


Ireneusz Jozwiak, Michal Kedziora, Aleksander Marianski


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 33-38


Nowadays web service selection is important task in companies. Facing uncertainty in engineering is also a common problem. Our goal was to develop method for solving decision problems including probabilistic uncertainties. The paper presents modified analytic hierarchy process (AHP), where quantitative criterion values are random variables. The method was used to solve service selection problem with probabilistic uncertainties. The article consists literature overview, problem formulation, new service selection method, descriptive example and conclusions. Six different ranking calculation methods were used and we performed an experiment focused on showing differences between them. The paper also discusses critical hurdle and saturation effect.


service selection problem, service oriented architecture, QoS constraints, probabilistic QoS, probabilistic AHP