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Augmenting Pilgrim Experience and Safety with Geo-location Way finding and Mobile Augmented Reality


Nasser Nammas Albaqami, Khalid Hamed Allehaibi, Ahmad Hoirul Basori


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 23-32


Grand Mosque Al-Haram is always crowded with the pilgrim that coming from around the world. The highest intensity of crowd is when hajj period or during Ramadan. Even though the grand mosque is already supplied with many signboard routes, exit or emergency sign. There are some difficulties that pilgrim faced when they got misplaced inside or outside mosque such as: language or communication, haji’s age, fatigue, minor sense of direction, panic, etc. Therefore, this paper present novel way finding technique that combines the augmented reality technology with global positioning system (GPS) to give proper direction towards pilgrim. Initially, the simulation toward selected 40 exit routes has been performed by discrete poisson distribution algorithm in order to obtain the optimum expense or travel time. The second simulation is focused on analyzing the flow of 200 people, which are going through multiple exit doors. Furthermore, people's stream of action is monitored to illustrate their concentration flowing motion toward exit gates. The simulation shows the promising result that is potential to be used by pilgrim or government as personal or evacuation guidance.


GPS augmented reality evacuation way finding discrete poisson distribution.