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Enhancement Of Auto Rate Fallback (Earf) For Dynamic Rate Selection


Awni Hammouri


Vol. 18  No. 2  pp. 18-22


Bit rate is an important issue since it can increase the throughput and make the network faster. However, in order to increase the rate, we should take the channel condition into account. Our proposed algorithm aims to increase the rate based on the negotiation between the sender and the receiver. Therefore, we make the receiver respond to the sender and based on its response, the sender can decide whether to increase the rate or keep the current one. IEEE 802.11 b provides a bit rate within the rates: 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 mbps, and to increase or decrease the rate it uses Auto Rate Fallback algorithm which depends on number of successive packet to make a decision.


Bit rate selection algorithm, Auto Rate Fallback (ARF), Enhanced Auto Fallback (EARF), Bit error rate.