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Dynamic Response Analysis of Quasi Z-source Based Fuel Cell with Super Capacitor


Mehdi Alemi Rostami


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 215-223


In this paper, the dynamic analysis of the quasi z-source inverter control system is considered as the interface converter for fuel cell. For this purpose, the dynamic modeling of the fuel cell and its interface converter are used to design controllers. However, due to the slow dynamics of the fuel cell, its high equivalent impedance, the existence of zero right in the dynamical model of the z-source inverter, as well as the dependence of the z-source inverter modulation system on the dynamic response, the fuel cell system stability limit and its interface converter is low. In order to improve the dynamic performance of the fuel cell system, this paper uses a super capacitor in parallel with a fuel cell. By dynamic modeling of the fuel cell system and its interface converter, it can be concluded that the use of super capacitor closes the dynamic model of the fuel cell into an ideal voltage source and improves the stability of the z-source inverter control system. In this case, when the fuel cell system cannot be controlled alone, adding super capacitor will result in quite stable performance of system. The system performance introduced by simulation is used in MATLAB / Simulink environment.


Dynamic Analysis, quasi z-source inverter, interface converter, fuel cell