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The Advantages of Implementing Cloud Computing in the Health Industry of Iran: A Qualitative Study


Leila Erfannia, Farahnaz Sadoughi, Abbas Sheikhtaheri


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 198-206


Cloud computing as a modern technology has brought various benefits to the healthcare industry. The purpose of the present study is to introduce the advantages of implementing cloud computing in the health industry of Iran, which was conducted through a qualitative methodology by interviewing 12 experts in the field of health and cloud computing in Iran. Data were analyzed through qualitative content analysis and open coding. At the end, four sub-themes were extracted under the main theme of the advantages of cloud implementation in the health industry of Iran. The sub-themes included technical, organizational, economic, and security advantages which encompassed the following categories: specific health capabilities, technical support, high-level and hospital capabilities in the organizational area, relative benefits and organizational cost reduction in economic field, and security opportunity in the area of security. Considering the novelty of cloud computing in the health industry of Iran, recognizing its benefits and opportunities plays a significant role in using this technology successfully. Health programmers and administrators will take firm steps in the both areas of planning and implementation with the knowledge of what opportunities migrating to the cloud computing could have.


Cloud computing, Implementation, advantages, opportunities