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A Study on the Role of the Trade Related to the Electronic Businesses in Profitability of Online Stores (Case Study: Online Sales of SAYPA Products)


Parham Arjmand and Ali tahmasebi boldaji


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 190-197


E-business is a phenomenon that requires comprehensive change in all aspects of companies’ business activities in order to reach business ease. This, in addition to the small changes that take place at the business level, highly requires changes in the environment governing the trading companies and countries that could provide an effective environment for national E-businesses development. E-business has a great impact on all trading functions. By the emergence of modern information technologies in the past decades, the role of technology per se could not be considered as a factor in facilitating processes of the company, and this issue should be considered as one of the key factors in strategy of the companies. Facilitating trade processes through E-business processes is considered as a sensitive and fundamental challenge for all industries and companies. This research tries to study the impact of E-business on timely delivery to the customers, and in order to reach this, 400 questionnaires were distributed between customers of SAIPA Co. The collected data was assessed through structural equation method using AMOS graphic software and ultimately, the results suggested that all the relationships between the components and timely delivery to the customers were approved. The calculated Cronbach’s alpha for this research is 0.881, which shows a high reliability.


E-business, timely delivery, SAIPA, profitability, online sale