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Information Technology (IT) in Hospitals' Nursing Management: Mixed Method Study


Sefollah Alaei, Ali Valinejadi, Sohaila Zarein, Jamileh Salar


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 183-189


Introduction: Management of hospital wards is one of the most substantial and influential components in providing health services. New technologies such as information technologies (IT) can play a significant role in the efficacy of nursing management activities. Method: This Mixed Method study was conducted in 2016 aiming to define the status of IT in hospital nursing management. The research population was composed of all wards under the supervision of nursing management in Kowsar Hospital in Semnan city. Research tools included direct observation on the use of computer systems using checklist and including two main parts of demographic section and section of evaluating the use and deficiencies of computers and information technology in hospital wards that were prepared by the researcher and then they were assessed and verified. Data were organized and analyzed using SPSS 16 software. Findings of the qualitative section were analyzed using Directed Content Analysis method. Results: The computers in all wards under the management of nurses in Kowsar Hospital were directly observed and evaluated using a checklist for assessing the use of information technology. The data was prepared in a descriptive report and it was given to the head nurse for confirmation and fixing the possible errors. At the end, the final data was provided to the managers and IT educational instructors to be completed by them. In addition to finishing the descriptive report, eight nursing managers and IT managers were interviewed. In the case of concurrency, the review of organized data was carried out after interviews. Generally, nursing managers felt comfortable using the computer systems and considered them as the facilitator of affairs. In the management process, head nurses used computer system to access and transfer data, and the detachment between some data elements was considered as an important problem. Moreover, the potential possibilities of data analysis were not fully realized besides, the managers did not feel need to access and analyze classified data. The use of new approaches in management based on increasing the use of data resources by nursing managers, generalization and concentration of data and reconstructing the technology system for integration can enhance the efficacy and development of using information technology in nursing management.


Health Information Technology, Nursing Management, Hospital.