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A Study on the Role and Status of Customers’ Trust and Economic Risk in E-Businesses with an Emphasis on Customers’ Behaviors (Case Study: Tehran Province Ayandeh Bank E-Banking Customers)


Parham Arjmand, Ali tahmasebi boldaji


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 173-178


Until late twentieth century, customers’ satisfaction and loyalty was more or less a motto. Today, a lot of effort is made to improve the quality management tools and developing a customer-oriented culture by the researchers, experts and organization managers. This shows that loyalty is the most significant index in determining the success of organizations and improving profitability. Hence, this research studies the role and status of customers’ trust and economic risk in E-businesses with an emphasis on behavior of the customers of Ayandeh Bank E-banking services in Tehran Province. This research is descriptive-survey with an applied nature. The data collection in this research included two methods of library (studying the related documents and sources) and field study using standard questionnaire (surveying the visitors of Tehran Province Ayandeh Bank website). The statistical population size in this research included 40,000 individuals (account holders) of the customers of Tehran Province Ayandeh Bank website E-banking services and among them, 400 individuals (account holders) were selected. Since the size of the statistical population is unlimited, Morgan Table was used to determine the size of the sample and random sampling was used for sampling. The research results suggested that there is a positive and significant relationship between the quality of the E-services and the received value.


E-banking, customers’ loyalty, websites, E-services quality, received value