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FCLCC: Fuzzy Cross-Layer Congestion Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Mohsen Yaghoubi Suraki, Abolfazl Toroghi Haghighat, Majid Gholipour


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 155-165


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are a collection of mobile nodes connected together without any infrastructure and central management. Congestion control is an important problem in MANETs and TCP congestion control mechanisms are incapable of managing special characteristics of the wireless channel in ad hoc networks. Moreover, several network layers are involved and adjusting each parameter on those layers can affect the other ones. A cross-layer approach is proposed in transport, network, and MAC layers in which Fuzzy Logic System is used in intermediate and destination nodes as a dynamic tool for controlling the congestion problem in MANETs. In the network layer, DSR routing algorithm is used and messages exchanged among nodes are put into the ACK packets. The simulation results show that in this method, end-to-end delay is reduced more for UDP packets and less for the TCP packet. Moreover, network throughput increased and packet loss rate slightly improved.


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Congestion Control Cross-Layer Design Fuzzy Logic.