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Color and gray images encryption algorithm using chaotic systems of different dimensions


S. N. Lagmiri, N. Elalami, J. Elalami


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 79-86


The data confidentiality, integrity, security and the authenticity has become an important issue for communication via insecure channel for information includes text, audio, video, image etc. When information is transferred through various networks, there is high chance of unauthorized access. The available encryption algorithms which are mainly used for text data may not be adequate for multimedia data like images. Most of the encryption techniques have some security and performance issues. Due to the random-like property and high sensitivity for initial values and parameters, chaotic systems are usually proposed as a solution to image encryption. This work deals with the encryption of a color and gray images using chaotic systems of different dimensions. The proposed chaotic systems show excellent chaotic behaviors. To demonstrate its application in image processing, the two systems are applied with an algorithm based on key generation based on initial conditions for encryption and decryption. The simulations results and security analysis demonstrate that the proposed systems have excellent encryption performance, high sensitivity to the security keys.


Chaotic / hyperchaotic systems, Histogram, Image encryption, Decryption, Correlation.