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Identity Theft and Social Media


Shareen Irshad and Tariq Rahim Soomro


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 43-55


Over a very short span of time, the world of social media has seen tremendous improvement. From Websites offering only simple instant messaging and blogging facilities initially, to full-grown social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing users to engage in multiple simultaneous activities. Social media today has undoubtedly become the talk of the town due to its immense utilization. However, this does not mean that this evolution only brought about positive changes. On the other end of the spectrum, social media Websites have contributed in providing new and creative ways to criminals and fraudsters to perform their crimes. They have taken the traditional crimes to whole a new level. In addition, it has become very common for criminals to boast about their crimes on social networking sites giving rise to “Performance Crimes”. One particular crime that has seen a striking increase in levels is Identity Theft. This study tries to shed light on the evolution of Identity Theft on social media platforms and how this rich repository of personal information has become a breeding ground for identity thieves.


Social Media, blogging, crimes, personal information, Identity Theft.