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Personal Mobile Malware Guard PMMG: a mobile malware detection technique based on user’s preferences


Belal Amro


Vol. 18  No. 1  pp. 18-24


Mobile malware has increased rapidly last 10 years. This rapid increase is due to the rapid enhancement of mobile technology and their power to do most work for their users. Since mobile devices are personal devices, then a special action must be taken towards preserving privacy and security of the mobile data. Malware refers to all types of software applications with malicious behavior. In this paper, we propose a malware detection technique called Personal Mobile Malware Guard ? PMMG- that classifies malwares based on the mobile user feedback. PMMG controls permissions of different applications and their behavior according to the user needs. These preferences are built incrementally on a personal basis according to the feedback of the user. Performance analysis showed that it is theoretically feasible to build PMMG tool and use it on mobile devices.


Malware, malware detection, mobile device, mobile application, security, privacy