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Human Blood Pressure and Body Temp Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic Control System


Syeda Binish Zahra, Talmeez Hussain, Ayesha Atta, M. Saleem Khan


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 222-227


Usually “hypertension” is referred to as High_Blood_Pressure. Systolic_Blood_pressure and Diastolic_Blood_Pressure are used as measured parameter for BP. In this paper, proposed system based on FL is designed in order to facilitate peoples by generating accurate information related to health condition. In general blood pressure is classified into three categories: Low, Normal and High. Fuzzy logic is based on “Logic” which is based on many-values or credibility of logic it deals with inference. This inference has approximate values rather than exact, accurate or settled values. In this paper, Blood Pressure and human Body Temperature values are set as input and applied using fuzzy logic algorithm. Finally we are analyzing the output values. The Proposed model for the analysis of Blood Pressure and Temperature gives more Pragmatic results than any linear model.


Fuzzy Logic (FL), Fuzzy Logic Control System (FLCS), Blood Pressure (BP), Systolic_Blood_Pressure (SBP), Diastolic_Blood_pressure (DBP), Temperature (TEMP), Membership Function (MF), Center of Average (CoA)