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5G Future Technology: Research Challenges for an Emerging Wireless Networks


M. Aamir Panhwar, M.SullemanMemon, Salahuddin Saddar and Ubaidullah Rajput


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 201-206


By every Year world has seen many improvements and better quality of service in mobile communication. From 1st Generation to 2.5nd Generation & From 3rd Generation to 5thGeneration of Mobile Communication. This paper mainly focuses on 5th Generation mobile communication technology. 5th Generation mobile communication is expected to represent more enhancement to current telecommunications technologies, like changes in radio interaction and in spectrum. 5 Generations mobile wireless networks will be faster, easily accessible, more reliable. This paper spot on numerous rising technologies which will change & define the future of telecommunication standards Service like e-payments and electronic documents and many more like smooth high quality video streaming a user can avail in 5th generation mobile technology, video chats gives a feeling of reality by which a person can feel he can reach other side through the screen, faster data speeds, Ultra-low latency, Better Speed of internet etc. This paper mainly focuses on the challenges 5g will face in future. One of the major issue 5G might face it would be Handover challenge in 5G mobile Network.


5G, 5 Generation, e-payments, e ?transactions, Handover