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Reusing Vehicular Control Networks as Test Access Mechanism for Automotive Semiconductor Chips


Muhammad Adil Ansari, Mohsin Khan Shaikh, Ahmed Ali & Saleem Ahmed


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 188-192


Today, air and road vehicles accommodate several electronic control units (ECUs) to ensure safety, reliability and comfort. Such ECUs are connected through vehicular control networks (VCNs). Typically, integrated circuits are tested for structural defects, which could occur during fabrication. However, the adverse environment in vehicles may develop defects within a chip, which may lead to catastrophe. The work in hand presents test access mechanism for in-vehicle ICs through VCNs and the on-chip test circuitry moreover, the proposed test access mechanism complies with the VCNs’ protocols. In this paper, two well-known VCNs are considered, i.e., controller area network (CAN) and FlexRay.


Controller area network, FlexRay, test access mechanism, scan test design, vehicular control networks.