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Intelligent reliability management in software based cloud ecosystem using AGI


Tahir Alyas, Dr. Muhammad Saleem Khan


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 134-139


Cloud computing provides efficient and flexible ways to offer services and computation facilities to users. Service providers acquire resources according to their requirements and deploy their services in cloud ecosystem. Service consumers can access these services across the networks. In order to provide the stable, smooth and fault free services to their customer, reliability in the cloud is an important factor to measure the performance of a cloud platform. There are so many factors can cause faults, such as network failure, browser crush, request time out or hacker attacks. When users are facing these types of faults, they usually resubmit their requests. To enhance reliability, we need to identify faults, during the execution of cloud services. An intelligent or autonomous system that is capable to enhance the reliability of software as service on cloud by monitoring, analyzing, healing of services provided. This framework can predict critical system fault and switch the healthy service to users. Intelligent cloud service reliability framework will increase the reliability during execution of cloud service. For automation in reliability monitoring, an agent based approach is helpful where diver diverse provision of software services is required. This approach will support in automated system in every unconditional situation where software behavior possible to specify. In autonomous situation, agent can evolve, learn, cooperation with entities and negotiation can perform.


Cloud computing