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Advance Modeling of Agriculture Farming Techniques Using Internet of Things


Qura-Tul-Ain Khan, Sagheer Abbas, Atifa Athar


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 114-119


Now a days large number of problem occur in farming, Lack of water availability, poor soil condition, bad weather condition and no proper timings for cultivating crops. These problems arise due to static nature of values that are used for calculating all these problems. The problem can only be resolved by making a system dynamic. This paper presents the emerging IOT techniques that help in resolving such problems by using dynamic methodology. Smart framework will be developed that is having centralized control for water sprinkle, for soil condition a separate module will be developed that will check the soil composition and accordingly allows water intake. For weather condition and crop timings problem advance modeling will be done.


Water availability, soil condition, weather condition, cultivating crops, sensors, IOT Techniques.