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Evaluation of the Scalability of the Protected Multipoint Dynamic VPN by IPsec in a WiMax Network


Najib El Kamoun, Ayoub BAHNASSE, and Faycal BENSALAH


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 108-113


Wireless network technologies, specifically 802.16e technology, have been imposed recently thanks to the wide range, the broadband and especially the mobility offered compared to other wireless networks. However, this technology like other wireless, suffers from several weaknesses especially in terms of security and quality of service. The IPsec standard can be used to mitigate security deficiency, but this standard adds additional latencies to the network and the applications being transported. Some work has addressed and studied the effect of site-to-site IPsec VPN tunneling on the same networks. However, with modern networks, which can contain a very large number of WiMax antennas, these VPN tunnels cannot guarantee and respond easily to scalability. The DMVPN technology meets this limit, it allows to create multiple IPsec VPN tunnels in an automatic, dynamic and with a minimum of configuration. Based on our research, no scientific work has done a comparative study on the impact of conventional VPN and DMVPN technology on the performance of the 802.16e network. This was a motivation for us to complete the previous work, while responding to the issues that we have defined. These studies were conducted under OPNET Modeler, we used Voice over IP applications using the G.729 codec. The evaluation criteria are: WiMax delay, throughput and convergence time. Regarding VOIP we chose as metric: jitter, end-to-end delay, loss rate and MOS score.