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Performance Comparison of Global Navigational Satellite Systems


Muhammad Ali Qureshi, Usama Zahoor, Asjad Amin, Kashif Hussain Memon, and Ashiq Hussain


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 99-107


The Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) are widely used to determine the position and velocity of objects on the earth. In this paper, we provide the performance comparison of two widely used GNSS i.e., Global Positioning System (GPS), Global Orbiting Navigational Satellite System (GLONASS), and hybrid GPS+GLONASS. The position data in RINEX format is collected by placing the GNSS receiver in an open urban area. For our experiments, we have collected the data in the city of Islamabad (Capital city of Pakistan) that has average human population density and is surrounded by hills. The performance comparison is conducted in terms of various evaluation measures such as receiver positioning accuracy, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Dilution of Precision (DOP), and satellite visibility. The integration of GPS with GLONASS results in further improvement in positioning accuracy of GLONASS but less than that of GPS alone. The overall results show that GPS performs well in comparison to both GLONASS and hybrid GPS+GLONASS.


Global navigational satellite system (GNSS) Global positioning system (GPS) Global orbiting navigational satellite system (GLONASS) Dilution of precision (DOP) Satellite visibility