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Smart highways sensor network modeling: Real-time sensor fault detection


Abdelaziz Daaif , Omar Bouattane, Mohamed Youssfi and Sidi Mohamed Snineh


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 49-56


Smart highways use a variety of sensors to capture the passage of vehicles and send events to the remote processing center in real time. The failure of a sensor can lead to processing errors and unfortunate decisions. This paper proposes a fault-tolerant architectural model, which facilitates the reasoning on large networks of highway sensors. This model is based on the aggregation of a set of physical sensors into a single logical sensor. The proposed approach allows to map a logical sensor to each node of the highways network graph. It also allows to implement real-time fault detection and correction procedures at the level of the logical sensors. To validate the proposed approach, some simulation results of a failure detection in the ""input / output"" component of a highway are presented to show the effectiveness of this model.


Realtime event processing Smart highways Distributed processing Sensors network Sensors fault detection.