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Performance evaluation of routing protocols under security attacks in mobile ad hoc networks


Kashif Hussain Memon, Muhammad Ali Qureshi, Sufyan Memon, Mohsin Shaikh, Ramesh Kumar


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 21-26


Security in the wireless ad hoc network is being considered as a great issue due to the absence of central authority and a priori trustworthy relationship. Moreover, the wireless links are also prone to eavesdropping, replay, and spoofing attacks. The existing security features developed for the wired networks are not well suited for the wireless ad hoc networks. A lot of problems may occur in the mobile ad hoc network only due to the security threats in routing protocols. This work mainly aims to perform the analysis of security features in Ad hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Destination Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV) routing protocols. The effects of fake distance vector (FDV) and fake destination sequence (FDS) security attacks on AODV and DSDV protocols are analyzed through the simulation. Three quantitative measures i.e., delivery ratio, communication overhead of the FDV and FDS attacks, and the spreading of fake routes are used for performance evaluation. We conclude with the justification of the results. This work will help in designing new robust routing protocols against various security attacks.


Ad hoc network security Routing protocols Ad hoc on-demand distance Vector (AODV) Destination Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV)