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Review of the Challenges in SPI Programs


Mohammad AlGhafess


Vol. 17  No. 12  pp. 1-4


The Software Process Improvement (SPI) is being necessary activity in the organizations, considering the factor that job market requirements are rapidly increasing and become complicated. SPI is iterative task during the organization life cycle, so it needs continuance support and maintenance. Many studied and researches have listed the benefits and advantages of applying new SPI model, on the other side, there are few researches discussing the challenges and difficulties of applying new SPI model. Theme of this research is to come up with an answer to a basic question “why did some organizations refuse to apply new SPI model?” In this review, we are focusing on the challenges and the probable risks while adopting new SPI model. Many organizations developed new approaches to improve their software development process. We are going to list a number of critical factors, which every organization must keep in mind before implementing SPI plans. (Abstract)


Software Process Improvement, Challenges in SPI, Critical Factors for SPI.