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Performance Validation of MQoSM and Resource Reservation Polices for MANETS over Long Area and Heavy Load


M. Sulleman Memon, Intesab H. Sadhayo, A. Sattar Saand, Mairaj Nabi Bhatti


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 197-202


It is very common issue that on any network especially MANET, when number of node/users increase with increase in distance of service area then QoS of network is automatically degraded. In this regard authors have presented MQoSM with its supporting Preempted resource reservation polices those works effectively with excellent results of QoS parameters as Jitter, Delay, Packet Drop and most important Throughput, even on heavy load of user nodes and large area of service. The verification experiments were performed and tested in simulation scenario by using OPNET MODULATOR 14.0


MQoSM, Preempted Policies, Heavy Load, VHPT