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Botake: Detecting BOTs based on Weighting Algorithm and Entropy Behavior in DNS Traffic


Azar Hosseini and Arezoo Hosseini


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 182-188


Bots abuse legitimate protocols privileges for unauthorized purposes. Due to the large-scale of these subversive intentions, paying attention to the expansion of botnet and control channels has a major proportion of recent researches. Attackers use this type of network to carry out widespread attacks and access to confidential information as well as access to sensitive organizational systems within countries. A vastly expanded potential of Bots is ability of using a variety of protocols, different patterns of behavior in communication and variety of social networks for the exchange of information. In this paper, we focus on exploring the neighboring domains on the DNS traffic and identifying patterns by feature extraction, behavioral entropy calculation, and a system weighting algorithm to detect the active network in the DNS as an essential substrate of the Internet.


Botnet, DNS, Weighting Algorithm, Entropy