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Ongoing Match Prediction in T20 International


Muhammad Yasir, LI CHEN, Sabir Ali Shah, Khalid Akbar, and M.Umer Sarwar


Vol. 17  No. 11  pp. 176-181


Win prediction is a point of interest during cricket matches specially T20 cricket matches in the current scenario of its popularity. Prediction can be done on two different ways 1) before the start of match 2) when match is ongoing. Both these two predictions depend upon number of different dynamic ground based historical factors and team statistics. This paper describes a novice model for prediction based upon current team statistics, player’s statistics& historical ground properties. We build this prediction model based upon multi-layer perceptron with adjustable factor weightage and evaluated this model on historical ball by ball match data set available online. Our proposed model interestingly achieved high performance, with 85% correct prediction before match and 89% correct prediction during match.


Player analysis, Player ranking, team ranking, Home advantages, T20 international cricket.